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CYE FA Application 2018-19


Religious School/WTY
Financial Assistance Application 2018-2019

The information requested will be held in the strictest confidence. Please complete all requested information so that the Financial Arrangements Committee can fairly evaluate your request. If portions of the form are left blank the form will be considered incomplete. Consideration will only be given to those who have fulfilled all prior financial obligations to the Temple and Religious School/WTY.

“Gross annual household income” is all earnings, including wages, net self-employment and investment income, whether taxable or not, without deducting taxes or other amounts.
Please indicate your gross annual household income as follows:


Please describe in your own words the financial circumstances that the Financial Arrangements Committee should consider in reviewing your request. This should include:

  • Specific dollar amounts of extraordinary expenses
  • An affordable financial commitment you can make to the temple annually or monthly
  • The goal of being a part of the Wise community for your family
  • Other ways your family can contribute to the Wise community other than fiscally 
Mon, September 23 2019 23 Elul 5779