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Wise Readers to Leaders Junior Literacy Leader (JLL) Application Summer 2022

Thank you for your interest in being a Junior Literacy Leader (“JLL”) for our Summer 2022 Program! Readers to Leaders will be hosting in-person summer programming this year. All students, staff and volunteers will be required to be vaccinated and all current COVID protocols will be followed.

As a JLL, you will serve as a teaching assistant and mentor to K-8th grade students. We will have several locations throughout LA, including near the Getty, but other locations have not been confirmed yet. Locations will be confirmed by the time you submit your preference form! Below are important dates for the summer:

JLL Training Dates

  • June 16-17 (8 am - 5 pm)

Program Dates (minimum of 2 weeks required)

  • June 21-July 29 (M-F, 8 am - 3 pm)

The priority application deadline will be February 28th. If you complete this application before the deadline, you will have priority in selecting your site, grade level, friends you want to work with, and weeks that you will volunteer. Any applications received after the deadline will get preference selection based on availability.

Any new JLLs are also required to complete an interview with a panel of our Teen Board members. After you submit your application, we will reach out to schedule your interview. 

Please address any questions about this application to our Program Coordinator at 

These questions provide information about your experience, interests and qualifications.

The JLL Summer Contribution

Our JLL program and our larger programs exist because of generous financial support from individuals and families such as yours. We suggest a $500 contribution for our remote volunteering opportunities this summer. Families making a contribution of at least $750 to support the Readers to Leaders program are exempt from this contribution for any number of children. 

This contribution not only sustains the program, but truly shows a familial commitment to healing the world and making a difference. We encourage our JLLs and their families to view this contribution as an opportunity to live important values, such as generosity, commitment to community and authentic relationship building.

With that being said, we do not want financial hardship to be a limiting factor to any teen or family. Please reach out to the Program Coordinator at so that we can make an arrangement that is suitable to your family. 
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