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Wise Readers to Leaders Summer 2018

Congratulations on being chosen to serve as a Wise Readers to Leaders summer 2018 Junior Literacy Leader. To complete your admissions process and secure your place in the program you must complete the form below and are asked to submit the membership dues and contribution.



$100 each

Your contribution helps support the JLL program including advisory staff, special trips, supplementary activities, food and supplies, as well as Wise Readers to Leaders program itself, without which the JLL program would not exist. Families making a contribution of at least $1200 to support the Wise Readers to Leaders (the amount to sponsor one scholar) are exempt from this contribution for any number of children other than $100 membership dues per child. Anyone for whom this is a financial hardship should speak with Nina Berger for special considerations at

Tue, December 11 2018 3 Tevet 5779